Dogs Trust

Sponsor a Dog


  • What is my sponsorship money used for?

    Your sponsorship contributions are used to help your sponsor dog and all the dogs in our care. We can have over 200 dogs in our care at any given time.

    The money is used to cover the costs of running the rehoming centre and our regional rehoming programmes.

    The money also goes towards food for the dogs, training and medical care - all with the ultimate goal of finding each dog a loving home. With the help of supporters, over 1000 dogs and puppies were rehomed in 2023! Find out more about what we do by clicking here.

  • Why can’t all dogs be visited?

    Some of the dogs in our care become very stressed by unfamiliar people and situations. To give these dogs the happy life they deserve, we have to ensure they have a comfortable and familiar routine. We are currently working very hard on visiting hours for our kind supporters. Please call our rehoming centre or keep an eye on the website for the latest updates if you wish to find out more about visiting.

  • Will I be my dog’s only sponsor?

    Dogs Trust Sponsor a Dog is a co-sponsorship scheme with a number of fantastic dog lovers like you sponsoring each dog. Your money will go towards helping all the dogs in our care, including the dog you have chosen to sponsor.

  • How often will I hear from my sponsor dog?

    Your sponsor dog will send you regular updates; including at Christmas, Valentines Day, and again in the summertime! You are more than welcome to send letters, emails, cards & gifts to your sponsor dog. They love to receive mail!

  • Will my dog send me a birthday card?

    No, sponsor dogs don't send birthday cards but you will receive a Valentines card and a card at Christmas.

  • Can I sponsor a dog as a gift for someone else?

    Yes. If signing up online, please register using your details first and then tick the 'Gift' box on the 'Selected Dogs' screen.

    The gift recipient will then receive all of the sponsorship details in their name.

  • What will happen if my sponsor dog is no longer available

    If your sponsor leaves our centre you will be informed and Dogs Trust will pick another dog who is also in need of your love.